Plymouth City "Rogue's Gallery"

A selection of photographs to show that life isn't always rosy for the city's streetlights, and they are always open to vandalism, weather and vehicle damage:

This Industria 2015 has probably had its canopy ripped off by vandals, and now the rain has poured in and started to rust the fixings. Since the photocell was ripped off with the canopy, the lantern can't even attempt to light.

Lantern has since been replaced with an Urbis ZXU1.

An unusual situation here, this Urbis ZX1 has had its Oasis NEMA cell stolen by vandals, but instead of being unlit at night, the lantern is on-by-day! This is most likely down to rain inside the NEMA socket, as without the photocell completing the circuit, the lantern should not be able to light.

The victim of a night-time RTA, this GEC Z8600 is in a very sorry state. The column has not fared much better. Rather than being uprooted, it has bent completely over at the ground level, showing that it was quite a serious impact by the vehicle. The column was made safe within hours and a new column was in place within days.

Column was replaced with a 10m Corus steel and 250w Iridium lantern.

The covers of these Road Signs Franco sign floods can be easily pulled off from their rubber seals, and this design fault is something quite commonly noticed by kids. In areas of high vandalism, the problem is overcome by placing the plastic lens inside the frame and omitting the rubber seal altogether.

The sign flood has since been replaced with a SimmonSigns LUA unit.

This ZX1 must have had a severe overhead impact to snap the chassis casting in the way it has. This was probably by the crane when the adjacent container was lowered into place.

The column has since been removed as part of a new lighting scheme.

Storm damage is probably the reason behind this heritage lantern losing its canopy. It is saved from certain loss by the wires of its NEMA photocell.

The lantern was repaired shortly after this picture was taken.

This Thorn Gamma 6 is hidden in a secluded footpath, and vandals took advantage of this when they smashed off the outer globe. Amazingly though the SON-T lamp was left intact.

The lantern was subsequently replaced with an Urbis ZXU1.

Vandals ripped the door off this Fabrikat hockey stick column, but amazingly did no damage to the lantern's control gear and wiring in the base. The door was very soon replaced and the lantern subsequently replaced by a new Urbis ZXU1.

This Simmonsigns LUA sign flood has not fared well due to the column's close proximity to the kerb edge. It had only just replaced an old internally-lit sign when it was knocked by a vehicle.

The T7 has since been re-aligned.

As this Thorn Beta 79 is on private 'parish' records, it is not regularly maintained, and has fallen into disrepair. The photocell was stolen and the gear tray rusted out. This was made safe, and at the same time the clouded, rust-stained bowl and lamp were removed. It has been recommended for a replacement lantern for a good while now.

The column was later removed as part of a new lighting regeneration scheme.


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