West Midlands Lighting Pictures

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The following photos were taken in January 2007 in and around Dudley, West Midlands:

Revo were once very much the mainstay for the area's lighting, and today there are still lots of reminders of this.

Revo Prefects with various bowl options can be found:

A very rare side-entry variant was also spotted in a side alley. This example appears to be in excellent condition, and also seems to still be controlled by a timeswitch.

The Prefect's predecessor, the so called 'Bell Top' is also to be found, although numbers are getting fewer as time draws on.

A lantern found almost exclusively in the Birmingham region is the Revo 'Birmingham' (surprisingly!), and this unusual lantern running a Mercury lamp can still be found quite commonly in the area.

Revo's 'Dalek' is gradually becoming harder to find now, but this excellent example was found at a busy junction. It may not be long for this world however, as the bracket joint is badly spalled and the lantern is also dayburning.

Yet another Revo lantern found in Dudley was a vertical fluorescent type. A pair of wall mounted lanterns light (or used to) a small square, and would probably be very dim compared to today's standards.

Other manufacturers can be found however! A road lit almost exclusively by 1970s Thorn Alpha 5s was found. Most of the lanterns appear to have had the deeper bowl option, although a few now have the shallow type fitted. The lamps are 135w SOX, although originally, the lamps may have been 140w linear sodium (SLI/H) types.

A few residential areas are home to Phosco P108A lanterns. Sadly some have lost their glass refractor rings.

Since the Midlands are generally very industrial in nature, a wealth of old streetlighting apparatus survives on private land. Some examples of this are:

A wonderful old Revo 'Stepped-Top' lantern with acorn bowl was found now long defunct beside an old factory gate. This lantern was the predecessor to the 1950s 'Bell Top' lantern.

A GEC Clearmain lantern was spotted on a wall mount in a factory complex. This is an early example; latter models having a tapered glass bowl.

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