Scottish Lighting (Side Roads)

The following photos were taken in November 2006 on side roads in and around Edinburgh, Falkirk, Stirling & St Andrews, Scotland:

A small residential road in Stirling is home to a few 35w SOX lanterns on winged concrete columns. The first had a GEC Z9480, while the second an Eleco HW846.

A private complex is home to a number of 5m columns. many of these have GEC 35w SOX lanterns fitted, but amazingly a through road was left with its fluorescent Z8260 lanterns. A wonderful sight in an otherwise sodium-lit area.

The Thorn Gamma 8 lantern can be found in a couple of residential roads in the area, the first uses 35w SOX lamped examples. These were group switched and on-by-day on the day visited.

Nearby ones are however lit by Mercury lamps. The columns are again Thorn 5m aluminium types.

This fabulous column was spotted in a small residential cul-de-sac, and is one of a pair. The columns complete with their little GEC Z9491 lanterns are however set for replacement, and the new columns were already in place adjacent.

A very rare Metro-Vick SS54 lantern was found in Grangemouth, and appears to be in excellent condition. One for somebody's collection I'm sure! The concrete column is fitted with a monster of an outreach bracket.

Yet another rare find was a pair of GEC Z9446 lanterns. These are the less-gear predecessor to the popular Z9481, and are now like hen's teeth. An even rarer geared version (the Z9456) was still extant in the area, but was sadly lost to the skip just prior to the visit.

A sheltered housing footpath is home to a pair of Phosco P108A lanterns, which appear to be fitted with frosted outer globes.

The roads surrounding the observatory were found to be fitted with some very unusual GEC Aeroscreened lanterns. Z9491A is the code for these unusual beasts, and it has to be the biggest surviving installation anywhere, and may have been all through their lifetime. This picture taken after dusk had just fallen was the best I could manage!

One road has had 4 or 5 casual replacements, and these have also been of very unusual design. They are actually WRTL SRL8 lanterns, but are not only fitted with flat glass option, but run 35w SOX lamps! The lamps are so long that the Bayonet cap is actually back in the gear compartment!


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