Scottish Lighting (Main Roads)

The following photos were taken in November 2006 on main roads in and around Edinburgh, Falkirk, Stirling & St Andrews, Scotland:

Three Thorn (BLI) Alpha 5 lanterns survive on a main road near Stirling. They would have been SLI/H lamped originally, but have now been converted to 135w SOX. The far lampholder for the SLI/H lamps has been left in place in the lanterns- just pushed out the way by the SOX lamp.

Large concrete columns with top entry SOX lanterns are still a very common sight, despite some columns having outlived their design life by a few decades! A variety of lanterns are seen including the gearless 90w GEC Z9451:

90w AEI Amber:

And there are also a pair of ultra-rare Metro-Vick SO50 lanterns. These look in magnificent condition.

Nearby is an AEI Amber on a pole bracket. The bowl has suffered from years of sunlight and gone milky.

A double bracket was found in Grangemouth with two Thorn Alpha 1 90w lanterns.


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