Gloucestershire Lighting

The following photos were taken in Summer 2006 in around Cirencester, Gloucestershire:

One carpark in the town of Cirencester is lit by a load of ultra-rare GEC 'Dioptrion' lanterns. I documented this installation on a separate page. Another carpark is also lit by some rare GEC lanterns. This time they are Z8430CM lanterns. Although designed for MBF/U lamps originally, they now are believed to run SON lamps. All the columns were sleeved at some point in the past, but luckily these lanterns were retained. A good 11 of the lanterns survive.

A pair of unknown lanterns can be found on wall mounts in one of the main streets. The outer globes appear to be glass, but lamp type, or whether they actually work anymore is not known.

A common lantern in the town is the Philips MI55 for 70w SON lamp. These can be found on various old GEC wall brackets about the town centre, and would probably have replaced top entry mercury lanterns.

A brand new lantern found in the town is an Urbis Opalo for 70w SON-T lamp. The cell is a Cableform SS# type.

Probably the most common new lantern in the town is the Urbis Sapphire 1. These lanterns with 70w SON lamp are the staple installation on new 6m CU steel columns. Some places are fitting them in place of old building-mounted SOX lanterns.

The town of Fairford is lit almost exclusively by Phosco P107 lanterns. They run 70w SON-I lamps, and are mounted on columns, wall mounts and even wood poles. The most common type is fitted with a clear bowl and narrow canopy.


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