Cumbria Lighting

The following photos were taken in March 2008 around Ullswater, Cumbria:

Penrith first; and a few Thorn Alpha 3s were found mounted on hexagonal steel columns, with unusual curved hexagonal brackets. It looks as if they were designed for lanterns with a larger diameter entry, and it is possible some larger, maybe fluorescent lantern pre-dated the Alpha 3s.

A part of the town centre is lit by these old GEC Z8536 'turtle' lanterns. These are in nice nick for their age, and have blue painted canopies, unlike the later bare aluminium version. Lamps are SON-T.

A small alley is home to a number of these Eleco GR551 35w SOX lanterns on box/bracket mounts. These are Eleco units, so the lanterns are probably original.

The one casual replacement is in the form of an Urbis Opalo 1 running a 42w? CFL lamp. The cell appears to a a Zodion Super-6 type, characterised by the blue cone.

Probably the longest outreach brackets ever are found in a nearby carpark holding Philips MA50 135w geared lanterns.

A very rare find in the town is this Metro-Vick SS54 lantern running a 35w SOX lamp. There are a couple left, but I have only ever seen one SS54 previously, and that top-entry version was in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Bowness-on-Windermere is home to a number of GEC Z9454 90w lanterns. A few still are to be found on 8m Concrete columns.

There is also an example on a wall bracket.

An absolute gem was spotted on the road just outside the town. The old cast column still retains its Revo C13285 tungsten lantern, which has probably long been missing its bowl, and is now dayburning. Such sights are very rare these days, and I'd imagine that this example will soon fall foul of a replacement scheme.

The village of Tirril is home to a few of these top entry Eleco GR553 lanterns on ornate pole brackets with clock-boxes. The lamps are 35w SOX.

An Eleco GR525 lantern on a building-mounted bracket in the village of Pooley Bridge. This may have replaced, or augmented the existing scheme of Revo lanterns (seen below).

The lighting in the village centre still shows that geared Revo Lucidor B's were the lantern of choice in years gone by, and these diminutive SOX lanterns are probably long since past their life expectancies. They still faithfully light the village for the time being however, until the upheaval of a new lighting scheme comes to the village.


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