Buckinghamshire Lighting

The following photos were taken in Summer 2006 in around Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire:

Many of the side streets in and around the town centre of Aylesbury are lit by these SOX lanterns, believed to be Phosco P125s.

The site of an old garage which is being redeveloped still has an old lantern hanging on at the entrance awaiting its fate. It's a Falks lantern, and appears to be an open tungsten variant with a glass refractor ring. It could do with a clean, but it undoubtedly will never light again.

Nearby main road improvements have seen new lighting in the form of 10m columns with 250w SON-T Philips Iridium lanterns.

Roundabouts in the area are lit by 10m columns in the centre with four Urbis ZX4 lanterns mounted on the top. This is a modern way of doing the traditional roundabout lighting using multiple lamped-lanterns, such as the Thorn Gamma 4.

One street that hasn't been revamped still has some old fluted Revo columns. These have Thorn Alpha 3s fitted, complete with SON lamps.

One example however, has an earlier Atlas Alpha 3 fitted. The lampholder could do with a tighten!

Lighting in the town square is by a number of old GEC Z8426 'turtles' on wall mounts. Lamps are almost certainly now SON.

There's also a column mounted example.

A number of these Phosco P211 lanterns light the narrower streets, although their predecessors were probably more pleasing to the eye (not that that would be difficult!)

This modern heritage lantern seems to attract more than its fair share of winged visitors! The difficulty with the modern design of fixed-bowl lantern is that whatever gets into the bowl cannot be easily removed.


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