Berkshire & Oxfordshire Lighting

The following photos were taken in Summer 2005 in the area near Reading, Berkshire:

LEFT: A Thorn Beta 5 lantern with 35w SOX lamp and RTE P5 cell. The column is an Eleco make.

RIGHT: A Phosco P226 lantern with 35w SOX lamp and RTE P42 cell. The column is an identical Eleco steel.

A Thorn Beta 8 lantern running a 55w SOX lamp. The lantern is mounted beneath the railway bridge where no column would fit.

A Trilux 9321G lantern on a station platform containing 2 70w SON-E lamps.

This Thorn Gamma 4 lantern is still running Mercury lamps, although they have seen better days. It is burning in day and the bowl is full of dead flies.

LEFT: An unusual installation of a GEC Z5560 inside a metal frame upon a gate post. The lamp type is unknown.

RIGHT: A GEC Z8426 lantern on an 8m steel column.

A GEC Z8430 lantern, now running a SON lamp. There is a photocell mounted on the front of the canopy.

Probably the oldest lantern surviving in the town of Tring is this ESLA on a shop. The old wires can still be seen but are probably long disconnected.

This old bracket would almost certainly have once held an ESLA, but now it has a 70w Philips lantern attached.

A GEC Z9454 90w SOX lantern.

An Eleco GR525 35w SOX lantern is fitted to a Concrete Utilities Avenue 2D column and Arc 2D bracket.

An unusual Alpha 3 here- an earlier Atlas version with a 'spotted' bowl. The photocell has been fitted to the side of the canopy, rather than the shoe!

An AEI 'Amber' 90w SOX lantern on a main road Stewart & Lloyd column.

An identical column, but this time with an Eleco GR100 lantern.

Yet another main road SOX lantern- this time a 10m column with a GEC Z9554M 135w lantern.

LEFT: A Philips XGS103 lantern fitted to a very short column on a path. Its amazing that its still there- let alone complete with lamp and photocell!

RIGHT: a Phosco P111 lantern with refractor ring around the 70w SON lamp.

Another Phosco lantern nearby- this time a P107 on a wall bracket.

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