Staverton Bridge Mill

The mill at Staverton Bridge in the South Hams is now closed and laying derelict. Redevelopment is the future for the site, but at present there are no signs of any work proceeding, and gypsies had taken advantage of this fact. The site is now blocked by boulders to prevent their return, but in their wake they have left a scene of devastation- burnt out cars, vandalised buildings and piles of rubbish...

The site plays host to a number of GEC Z5581 B mercury lanterns, which are thankfully still intact following the mill's closure and dereliction.

I discovered the feeder point for these "Street Lights" inside the building amongst the switch gear. A 15A GEC Double-Pole isolator switch. A word scrawled across the isolator sealed the fate of these lanterns- "DEAD".

I will certainly be keeping my eye on the site, as I'd hate for these examples of the Z5580 with glass bowls to be lost, and I'll endeavour to save them from demolition.


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