Moorhaven Hospital GEC Lighting Installation

The old Moorhaven Hospital was sold off in 1998 and converted into private apartments. These are now set in wonderful rural grounds, which are luckily still home to an excellent GEC installation put in when the hospital was operational. This consists of GEC Z5640 Mercury lanterns on 5m GEC concrete columns. Most of these lanterns are still in use, and are in good condition. A few have been replaced over the years, and one at least has been superceded by a Thorn Gamma 6.

Most appear to have polycarbonate bowls which have yellowed over the years due to the UV rays. This broken example shows the inner glass refractor ring and MBF/U lamp.

One however looks to have been fitted with the acrylic bowl option, and this has turned slightly white with age instead.

A final shot showing how wonderfully sylvan the ground of the old hospital are, and how suited these GEC lights are to the site.


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