Streetlighting Enthusiasts in the UK (unless stated):

Mike Barford:    a growing collection of old and new lanterns, as well as a history of Photocells, and rare/ interesting installations around Derby. 

Scot Bearford:   Scot's site has a number of galleries showing some excellent streetlighting pictures from various UK locations.

Adrian Brown:   a section of Adrian's site is devoted to 'Streetlight spotting on't Tinternet'.

Simon Brown:   a new site showing some excellent pictures of lighting in 'Wessex'.

Bob Cookson:    his varied collection in photos, as well as an in-depth history of Eastbourne's streetlighting.

Simon Cornwell:    Simon's site features his continually updating collection of restored lanterns and brackets, as well as manufacturer catalogues, adverts, and general information. 

James Daniels:   A site built around the Fotopic electronic photo album.

Matthew Eagles:   A site based mainly around Matthew's interest in Low Pressure Sodium lamps.

Michael Greenslade (Australia): a great collection of pics showing the considerable overlap of lanterns between Australia & the UK. 

Colin Grimes:   Colin undoubtedly has one of the biggest collections of streetlights and lamps in the UK, and there's very few lanterns he hasn't got it seems! They range from brand new lanterns, back to ageing tungsten fittings.

Martyn Hicks:    a featurette on his general site, which he has devoted to his interest in streetlighting.

James Hooker:   the ultimate discharge lamp site. 'Lamptech' has information on many rare and unusual lamps, as well as manufacturer literature.

Tim Luckett:    a comprehensive site of pictures and information on streetlighting. Arranged both under manufacturers, and through places and counties. Also including Tim's own collection of lanterns. One of the first UK sites established.

Phil Macbean:    Phil's site contains a wealth of miscellaneous pictures, as well as some interesting videos of Discharge lamps in their various stages of startup.

Alex Monk:   Alex's site gives pictures and information on streetlighting from various UK areas.

Chris Nelson:   A new site which is dedicated to Chris' interest in streetlighting.

Russell Oakes:   Russell's site has many pictures from around the North-West of England.

Andrew Pate:   Andrew's site shows his increasingly impressive collection with pictures of his restorations and innovative display methods.

Claire Pendrous:   Claire's excellent site begins a documentation of her huge collection of lanterns, as well as streetlighting photos from the Midland Counties region.

Ben Perry:   Ben's site is based around the lighting in his area of Worcestershire.

Steve Peter:  Steve's photo gallery gives us a unique look into the changing face of Southampton's lighting.

David Phee:   David's site shows how his interest in lighting has blossomed into collecting and taking pictures of local lights.

Phozagora:   The interest in streetlighting across the channel is shown in this excellent French site.

Aubin Ribeyron:  (France):  Another site which shows interest in streetlighting is not just confined to the UK. Aubin's site has some excellent pictures of lighting installations in France.

Jon Salmon:    Jon's lantern photo-file is an incredible resource for those tricky  identifications. Many pictures from the past, and present. [Temporarily Offline]

Sander Sloots: (Netherlands):    Sander's site proves that there's Streetlighting interest World-wide. It features many pictures from Holland, as well as info on his own collection.

Nick Smith: Nick's site documents lighting in the Northmaptonshire area.

Nigel Spink:    A site detailing Nigel's collection and lighting in the Hemel Hempstead area.

Andrew Stanley:    Andrew has a large collection of mainly modern lanterns, and these are all shown in good clear pictures; a boom for seeing those lanterns from 10m up in the air at close quarters. :  an Australian enthusiasts site with some interesting pictures of lanterns, signs and other street furniture.

Streetlighting Fault Reporting:

Plymouth City Council   

Devon County Council 

Streetlighting Information sites:

Lighting in the Netherlands:    Information on lighting in the Netherlands, including data on lanterns, lamps and new projects.

Photocell Manufacturer sites:

Cableform (Now Zodion Ltd)

Micatron UK Ltd

Royce Thompson Engineering


Exterior Lighting Manufacturer sites:


AC Ford





CU Phosco


DW Windsor





Kingfisher Lighting














WRTL (Indal)

Other Equipment Manufacturer sites:

Charles Endirect Ltd


Haldo Ltd

Lucy Lighting



Pudsey Diamond


Signature Ltd

Simmonsigns Ltd


Tofco Ltd



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