Urbis ZXU1

This ZXU1 was obtained from a fellow collector.

Lantern- Urbis ZXU1 (1770)
Lamp- 70W SONT
Manufacture Date- 2007
Control Gear- Integral Harvard Electronic
Original Control- Zodion SS12 Minicell

The ZXU1 is a new design from Urbis, superceeding the ZX1 in about 2005/6. The design allows for side entry mounting, and also direct post-top mounting to a standard 76mm column. Side entry mounting generally necessitates the use of an adaptor to increase the diameter of the bracket. My own example is actually made up from a number of broken lanterns to create the variant that I was after. The Plymouth spec' has changed over time, variants being seen in differing greys and also with and without canopy clips. Electronic gear superceeded magnetic gear, and minicells replaced NEMA sockets. My example would represent a recent Plymouth ZXU1, as it has the modern 1770 optic, electronic gear and minicell.

Urbis ZXU1s are a very common sight in the city now, taking over from the ZX1 as a side road standard. They are seen in 70w and 100w wattages, as well as a variety of subtle Urbis alterations, such as the omission of canopy clips on some. 2008 has even seen the first installation of ZXU1s running Cosmopolis lamps.



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