Urbis ZX3 'Zebra'

This ZX3 was obtained from a fellow collector.

  • Lantern- Urbis ZX3 'Zebra' (Link to Urbis Catalogue)
  • Lamp- 150W CDM-T
  • Manufacture Date- 2006
  • Control Gear- Internal Urbis SON/MH Gear
  • Switching- NEMA Socket

    The lantern when obtained was in fact a brand new standard ZX3 with shallow glass bowl. I had however got hold of a Zebra 'Sealsafe' unit, and so I was able to interchange the optics and create a 'Zebra' variant. These are designed with an asymmetrical light distribution for lighting crossings from one side; therefore the lamp is offset in the optic. The control gear was also fine, save for the choke which had to be changed from 250w SON to 150w. The standard Urbis SON gear is fit to run metal halide lamps too so this is fine. The canopy of the lantern is finished in white with a light grey base casting. This ideally is exactly the variant chosen by Plymouth City for their recent crossing upgrades. A Royce Thompson Oasis 2000 photocell was fitted to the lantern and it was finished. The only restoration was to give the bowl a clean and try and remove a few scuffs as it had seen use in the past.

    Urbis ZX3 'Zebras' can be seen quite commonly across the city, and have seen use on crossing upgrade schemes for a number of years. The lamps have however changed through time. The first variants came with 250w HPI-T lamps, then later they were seen with unusual 'Eye' Metal Halide lamps. These are 150w but with a standard ES lamp cap. The final most recent variants to be seen (identical to mine) have 150w CDM-T capsule lamps. White lamps are always employed to show a contrast between the white-lit crossing and the SON-lit roads.



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