Urbis ZX2

  • Original Location- Unknown
  • Removal Reason- Unknown

  • Lantern- Urbis ZX2 (Link to Urbis Catalogue)
  • Lamp- 150W SON-T
  • Manufacture Date- 2002
  • Control Gear- Internal Urbis SON Gear
  • Switching- NEMA Socket

    The lantern contains gear for a 150W SON-T lamp, and switching is by a NEMA socket on the canopy. Access to the innards of the lantern is by undoing a pair of clips at the rear of the body and hinging the rear section of the canopy upwards. This design of lantern can be fitted both to a side entry bracket or to a post-top mount. If the latter is used, the grub screws must be moved to alternative slots with a pair of nuts used to keep the grubs in place. The lantern can be dated to 2002. Although this version is the flat glass type, there are deep-bowled variants in the city, as well as examples in white & grey, and others in black & grey.

    Urbis ZX2s can be found in the city, but they are not in common usage. They have featured in a number of recent schemes however, including one which utilised 150W lanterns containing dimmable electronic gear.



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