Urbis ZX1 DB

  • Original Location- Unused

    Lantern- Urbis ZX1
    Lamp- 150W SONT
    Manufacture Date- 1998
    Control Gear- Integral Parmar SON Gear
    Original Control- NEMA Socket

    This ZX1 lantern is a very unusual variant, and is not seen on the streets of Plymouth. The lantern runs a 150W SON-T lamp and has integral gear. All the ZX1s used in the city have either 70W or 100W. The other rare thing about the lantern is the type of bowl; it is a clear deep bowl version. The only types used on the local streets are the shallow curved polycarbonate, and the deep refractor bowl. The lantern is dated to 1998, but has never been installed.

    Urbis ZX1s are probably the most common lantern in Plymouth city, their adoption within the last decade has seen them used on most side roads, mainly in place of failed lanterns, old mercury fittings, or on new columns. I have only ever seen one other deep bowl ZX1 in use, and that was in the Devon town of Torquay.



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