Urbis ZX1

I received this lantern from another collector in 2004. He was lucky enough to acquire a number of new ZX1 lanterns from a scheme near him. The lantern had only just been fitted, but was removed as part of the works.

Lantern- Urbis ZX1 (1543)
Lamp- 70W SONT
Manufacture Date- 2004
Control Gear- Integral 70w Urbis SON Gear
Original Control- NEMA Socket

The lantern runs a 70W SON-T lamp, and has internal control gear. Switching is via the integral NEMA photocell and is shown with a Cableform SS9 photocell. The 'Sealsafe' lamp compartment of the ZX1 is accessed by removing the canopy, unscrewing and then withdrawing the lampholder. The age of this lantern can be determined by the manufacturing date inside the canopy- in this case 2004. The reflector type used on this lantern is a 1543 which is the standard for side road lighting in the city. The other type used is the 1317, which comes complete with the deep bowl refractor option.

Urbis ZX1s are probably the most common lantern in Plymouth city, their adoption within the last decade has seen them used on most side roads, mainly in place of failed lanterns, old mercury fittings, or on new columns.



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