Thorn Gamma Basique

I acquired the parts for this lantern from fellow collector Mike Barford & also Fluorescents Plus of Ireland.

Lantern- Thorn Gamma Basique
Lamp- 70W SONE
Manufacture Date- 2006
Control Gear- Integral Tridionic Gear
 Original Control- NEMA Socket

This lantern is in 'as-new' condition. The Gamma Basique is the modern version of the classic Gamma 6 lantern known for 30 years or more. This version of the lantern is the vandal proof design, and so has a simple robust canopy and reeded bowl. This is an unusual version of the Gamma Basique, as it comes fitted with a glass refractor ring. This is something pretty much extinct in new lanterns as the optical control is nowhere near as effective as modern optics. The design of the glasswear seems to be that of the old GEC moulding. The canopy in the Gamma 6 was held in place by a central screw cap, while this new lantern uses two plastic bolts captive to the canopy. The lantern has several design advantages over its predecessor, such as a plug & socket connection between the canopy photocell, and also a hinged gear tray for the ignitor & capacitor.

The Gamma Collection from Thorn is quite extensive, and a whole array of designs are available, all mounted around the common gear tray and lamp support frame.

Only a couple of Gamma Basiques can be found in the city, and these are on private installations. Otherwise they have been spotted in use in Cornwall in various situations.



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