Thorn Gamma 6 (Mk 15)


  • Original Location- Unknown
  • Removal Reason- Outer globe missng

    Lantern- Thorn Gamma 6
    Lamp- 35W SOX
    Manufacture Date- 1984
    Control Gear- Integral Thorn G53332 Choke & G53311 Ignitor

    The lantern runs a 35W SOX lamp, and has its control gear within the base casting. No NEMA socket was fitted on this fitting. The fact that a SOX lamp is run suggests that it would have been used on private land, as SOX is not used for streetlighting in the area. The capacitor is dated 1984, and would be original to the lantern. An unusual addition to the lantern is a small gland fitted to the side of the base casting- possibly where the service came in, or to supply an auxiliary light on the pole e.g. I have now replaced the gland with a rubber grommet, as this entry is not required. The lantern has been given a repainting, and looks a lot more acceptable now.

    Update- March 2005: I have replaced the rusted choke with a new example sent to me by Mike Barford, and given the choke mounting plate a repaint in hammered silver.

    SOX Gamma 6s can only be found on private land in the city. The SON version can be found citywide however.



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