Thorn Gamma 6 (Mk 18)

  • Original Location- Unknown
  • Removal Reason- Unknown

    Lantern- Thorn Gamma 6
    Lamp- 70W SONT
    Manufacture Date- 1996
    Control Gear- Integral Thorn SHP70 Choke & G53503 Ignitor
    Original Control- NEMA Socket

    This lantern uses a 70W SON-T lamp. The gear for the lamp is in the base casting of the lantern, although it can be ordered with remote gear if desired. The lantern is equipped with a NEMA socket, and in this case is shown with a SELC 841 cell fitted. The lantern can be dated at 1996, as the photocell socket is stamped, and is likely to be original. I will repaint the canopy and base casting in time.

    Gamma 6s are a common sight citywide, and can be found with or without photocell, and with integral or remote gear. MBF versions are still able to be found, but as Mercury usage has all but gone in Plymouth city, they are very far and few between.



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