Thorn Gamma 6

This Gamma 6 was removed from the Belliver area of the city in summer 2008.

Lantern- Thorn Gamma 6
Lamp- 125W MBFU
Manufacture Date- 1978
Control Gear- Remote
Original Control- Horstmann KMK2A Clock

The Gamma 6 was a bit battered when obtained, but it should clean up really well. It had been converted to 70w SON during its lifetime, but I shall replace the lampholder to allow 3-pin BC MBF/U lamps to be used once again. The bowl has been replaced with a better example already, and a few bends in the canopy straightened. The top of the lantern has also been adapted for a NEMA socket, but as this is not original, I shall remove this and fit an original style shallow screw cap. A full repaint of all metal parts will be carried out to smarten up the lantern and complete the works.

A surviving pair of 125w MBF/U Gamma 6s survive in the city, so I shall model my own lantern on this pair.

This early style of remote-geared Gamma 6 is now a rare sight in the city, with many having succumbed to timeclock/Mercury lamp removal works in the last decade.



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