Thorn Beta 79 (Unpainted)

This lantern was removed in summer 2008. It lit a small footpath in the Devon village of Sparkwell, and was removed when the wood pole bracket was replaced by a mid-hinged column.

Lantern- Thorn Beta 79
Lamp- 70W SON
Manufacture Date- 1983
Control Gear- Integral Thorn Gear
Original Control- Horstmann EL26 2-part Cell

The lantern runs a 70W SON-I lamp, although this would have been a SON-T previously. Control was by a SELC 841 photocell mounted on the wood pole above. This was not the original switching device however, as there is the remains of an old Horstmann EL26 2-part cell on the canopy. This would probably date to c1983 when the lantern was installed new. The lantern is in good condition for its age, the only fault being that the screw holding the gear compartment closed sheared upon opening. Hopefully this can be drilled out and replaced during restoration.

Early aluminium version of the Beta 79 are now a rare sight across the city. A handful can be found in Devon, as well as a few of the white-painted aluminium version, which appeared to be installed concurrently with the bare aluminium version.



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