Thorn Beta 79


  • Original Location- Plymouth
  • Removal Reason- Time clock failure

    Lantern- Thorn Beta 79
    Lamp- 70W SONT
    Manufacture Date- 1983
    Control Gear- Integral Thorn Gear
    Original Control- Venner MS2SP Clock

    The lantern runs a 70W SON-T lamp, and gear is integral to the fitting. Switching was by a Venner MS2SP clock, which means the canopy has not been drilled for a photocell. The clock had failed leaving the lantern on-by-day, and since there was no photocell facility, a new lantern was fitted. The outer globe is a shallow polycarbonate type, and this has yellowed slightly over the years, although it is in good condition. Later versions of this lantern had a fibreglass canopy and a metal gear tray. This example is an early model from 1983, and has an aluminium canopy and an aluminium sheet gear cover plate. The whole lantern will require a strip down and a repaint as the sea air has corroded the metal beneath the paint over the years.

    A 70w Urbis ZXU1 replaced the Beta 79. It was fitted with an RTE Oasis 2000 photocell.

    Beta 79 lanterns are a fairly common sight across the city, although the early aluminium versions are pretty rare.



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