Thorn Beta 5

I received this lantern from Mike Barford in 2003. He discovered it in the Derby City lighting store when he visited once, and was allowed to keep it since it was to be scrapped.

Lantern- Thorn Beta 5
Lamp- 35W SOX
Manufacture Date- 1989
Control Gear- Integral Thorn G53332 Choke & G53311 Ignitor
Original Control- NEMA Socket

The Beta 5 lantern runs a 35W SOX lamp, and control gear is integral. The choke had failed when I got it, but Mike managed to obtain me a good replacement. Control is by a RTE P5 thermal cell. The lantern has had a good clean up and is in pretty good condition.

As fas as is known, another Thorn Beta 5 lantern was fitted in place of this lantern.

Thorn Beta 5 lanterns are not used in the Plymouth area. They can be seen occasionally on private land, where SOX lighting is often used for efficiency reasons.



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