Thorn Alpha 8 (Mk2)


  • Original Location- Longbridge, Plymouth
  • Removal Reason- Retaining water

    Lantern- Thorn Alpha 8
    Lamp- 150W SONT
    Manufacture Date- 1989
    Control Gear- Integral
    Original Control- NEMA Socket

    The Thorn Alpha 8 takes a 150W SONT lamp and control gear is housed inside the rear of the lantern. Access to the lamp is via the hinged outer globe, and access to the control gear is by undoing a pair of screws on the canopy of the lantern, and hinging the lantern down about the central pivot; very similar to the Philips SGS 204 lantern. The black aluminium plate remains fixed to the spigot as the lantern is hinged down. This plate holds the control gear. A NEMA socket is fitted to the canopy and on location a new RTE Oasis 2000 cell was used.

    A 150W WRTL MRL6 was fitted in place of this lantern.

    Thorn Alpha 8s are still easily spotted on roads in the area fitted with either 150W or 250W SONT lamps. There are also many examples of the earlier Mk1 aluminium version. Mike Barford has a fine example of a Mk1 Alpha 8, as well as information on a very rare example of an earlier Atlas version.



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