Thorn Alpha 3

  • Original Location- Prince Rock
  • Removal Reason- Deteriorated condition

    Lantern- Thorn Alpha 3 (Mk XIV)
    Lamp- 250W SON
    Manufacture Date- 1986
    Control Gear- Integral Thorn AME 53251.T Choke & Ignitor
    Original Control- NEMA Socket

    The lantern contains integral control gear for a 250W SON-T lamp. There is a NEMA socket used to control the fitting, and this is located on the aluminium shoe. The original Thorn ignitor has been replaced by a modern Thorn model. The lantern is secured to the bracket by two 5mm grub screws which, luckily, came undone with ease. The gear compartment is secured by a hinged plate onto which the components are secured. This is kept shut by a pair of captive screws. The outer globe (QA3DS) has become weak at the hinge (as is a common problem), and was badly snapped. This is the reason the majority of Alpha 3s are replaced in the city.

    Update- I decided to begin restoring the lantern in May 2005. The first step was to disassemble the lantern and clean up the relector part. The original white paint can be seen, and as it is not in the best of condition I will repaint the section.

    The Alpha 3 is still a common lantern in the city, and both the geared and less-gear variants are seen. The gear-in-head lanterns are exclusively 250W, while the less-gear model can be found with 150W or 250W lamps.



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