Simplex Diadem Major

  • Original Location- Cornwood
  • Removal Reason- Deteriorated condition

    Lantern- Simplex Diadem Major
    Lamp- 70W SON-I
    Manufacture Date- 1988
    Control Gear- Integral Thorn 533438 Choke
    Original Control- NEMA Socket

    The lantern runs a 70W SON-I lamp, with gear integral to the lantern. There is a NEMA socket fitted to the canopy of the lantern, and in situ, the lantern was fitted with a SELC 841 cell. The gear is located in a separate compartment at the rear of the lantern, and is covered by a simple, metal hinged plate.  As is typical, one grub screw was seized, and the lantern had to be hammered off. Luckily, damage was minimal, and with a spare bowl fitted, all was well again.

    A brand new 70W Urbis ZX1 lantern replaced the Simplex, and a new Oasis 2000 cell was fitted to the new lantern.

    The Diadem Major is not a common lantern in the area, and a lone example exists in Plymouth city, along with another single lantern in the village of Cornwood, as above. Both these local examples have been replaced as of 2007.



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