Simplex Diadem

  • Original Location- Keyham
  • Removal Reason- Control point removal

    Lantern- Simplex Diadem
    Lamp- 70W SONT
    Manufacture Date- 1989
    Control Gear- Remote
    Original Control- Switch Wire

    The lantern contains a 70W SON-T lamp and control gear was mounted in the column base. The NEMA socket was fitted by me after removal- the existing one being blanked off. After a number of years of use the bowls of these lanterns fail to fit properly, due to the rubber seal around the bowl rim perishing and falling away. This gap can allow wind or rain into the lanterns and can, on occasions, cause the lamp to crack and then extinguish. The lantern is shown with a Cableform SS5 cell. When my lantern was removed, the bowl was quite yellowed. Luckily I managed to get a very clear bowl from another removed Diadem and this looks 100 times better.

    Update- April 2006: I managed to find a bowl seal for the lantern from a scrapped example. This now makes the lantern look as new, and is well sealed.

    These lanterns are still a very common sight throughout Plymouth, with 70W SON lamp, generally with a NEMA photocell attached.



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