Siemens MRL6FG

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  • Lantern- Siemens MRL6FG (Link to WRTL Catalogue)
  • Lamp- 150W SON-T
  • Manufacture Date- 1994
  • Control Gear- Internal Vossloh Schwabe SON Gear
  • Switching- Original 1994 Cableform SS5C

    This lantern is in great condition and only required a clean up when obtained. This is the flat-glass version of the common MRL6 lantern, and is rarer in the city than the bowled version. The control gear is found in the rear compartment, as are the mounting grub screws. The toughened glass is retained by a single clasp, which is strange as the lighter bowled-version has three clips. The photocell is dated to 1994, and so is the one installed with the lantern originally. Many have been replaced since 1994 as and when they have failed. I may repaint the lantern in time to seal it as weathering over the years has left the glass fibres exposed in places. A coat of paint will also smarten up the appearance of the lantern.  

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    The MRL6 is a VERY common lantern on main routes throughout the city, both in 150W and 250W SON variants. They were still being installed through until 2006, but are now manufactured by WRTL. There are also still many of the old GEC Z8600 (remote geared) version of the lantern to be found too. Flat glass versions were always less common, and were mainly installed on schemes dotted about the city. The last ones went in around 2002.

    The MRL6 passed into the Plymouth history books in May 2006 as its fitting was finally brought to an end after a good few years of use under various manufacturers. A new lantern, the Philips Iridium, was chosen as the main road lantern for the city, and stocks of MRL6s were rapidly exhausted in the stores.

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