Revo Prefect (A42.238)

This lantern was obtained from fellow collector Simon Cornwell in Summer 2008.

Lantern- Revo A42.238 'Prefect'
Lamp- 80W MBFU
Manufacture Date- 19??
Control Gear- Remote

The lantern is in need of a full restoration, but the important thing is that the glass bowl is in prefect condition. The canopy will require a full strip down and removal of the bracket stub left when it was cut down. Internally, a new reflector plate will have to be found, but otherwise all guts are still in place and should brush up well. No lamp holder remained in the lantern when obtained, but I shall probably fit a new 3-pin Bayonet lamp holder to allow MBF/U lamps to be run.

The Prefect with tapered bowl cannot be found in Plymouth city, although a few survive in Devon county. Exeter is probably home to the most remaining examples, these running Mercury lamps in the main.



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