Revo Prefect (A16610/T)

I acquired this lantern from fellow collector John Thompson in December 2006.

Lantern- Revo A16610/T 'Prefect'
Lamp- 80W MBFU
Manufacture Date- 19??
Control Gear- Remote

The Prefect is quite a simple lantern, and was one of Revo's later designs. My example is fitted with a 3-pin Bayonet lampholder for Mercury lamps, and a new clear acrylic bowl. The lantern may well have had a Revo glass bowl originally, but the acrylic one certainly looks the part for now. A glass refractor ring is mounted around the lamp to provide some sort of optical control, and this is kept in place by a few metal clips. Although the lantern is drilled for a 2-part photocell, I shall not be using this facility, as there are no Prefects in the local area with photocells fitted. Restoration of the lantern will probably involve a complete repaint, but it is otherwise pretty much in excellent condition.

Following the aquisition of an anti-vandal glass Prefect bowl, I decided to try this on the lantern to replicate the few Prefects found in Devon near Plymouth with this type of glassware.

Prefect lanterns can still be found in the local area with a variety of bowl options. Plymouth's remaining examples are fitted with clear anti-vandal glass bowls and do not have refractor rings. There is one lovely example in Devon nearby in the small village of Noss Mayo however, which is complete with refractor ring.



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