Revo Prefect  (A16618/S)


  • Original Location- Unused
  • Date Acquired- September 2004

    Lantern- Revo A16618/S 'Prefect'
    Lamp- 80W MBFU
    Manufacture Date- 19??
    Control Gear- Remote

    The lantern holds a 3pin BC holder so would be used for an MBF lamp.  An adjustable focussing mechanism supports the lampholder to enable it to be adjusted for different lamp types (seemingly supplied adjusted for 80W MBF). The bowl is a nice Holophane refractor bowl, and is in perfect condition. A rare feature of this lantern is that it is a Side-Entry version, while the Top-Entry version is more commonly seen. In fact, the only example I have ever seen can be found on Mike Barford's site.  The lantern is held on the spigot by means of two (flat-headed screwdriver) grub screws.

    Following my aquisition of a BTH Urban Enclosed lantern, I decided to rob the bowl from this lantern to complete the BTH. The fact that there are no Prefects in the area with a Holophane refractor bowl of this type meant that it was not something I was particularly keen on. A replacement scheme in the city during May 2007 meant that a pair of Revo Prefects with anti-vandal glass bowls were replaced. Luckily, I managed to obtain one of these pristine bowls for my collection. I then fitted this to my own lantern to replicate how Plymouth's Prefects looked in the 1970s.

    The variant that was chosen by Plymouth City for installation in the early 1970s was the Top Entry mounting, with a plain anti-vandal glass bowl. No refractor ring was included. There are a few examples in Devon nearby with a refractor ring, and examples further afield using polycarbonate, prismatic rounded, prismatic pointed and acrylic bowls. I have yet to see an example with a Holophane bowl like mine, or indeed another side entry example.



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