Revo Diadem (A42.027)

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I acquired this lantern and bracket from a reclamation yard in July 2007. It was originally fitted in Dartmouth, Devon.

Lantern- Revo Diadem
Lamp- 80W MBFU
Manufacture Date- 1965
Control Gear- Remote Revo T02025 Choke & A94.040 Capacitor
Original Control- Switch Wire

The lantern runs an 80w Mercury lamp, and the control box still retains its lovely original Revo gear set. The capacitor is dated to 1965, and this is probably the date of the whole installation. The lantern was group switched when in service, so no timeswitch or photocell are fitted. The lantern is in excellent condition considering its age, and the glass bowl is still pristine. The inside of the lantern has suffered from years of heat, and now most of the original white paint has gone. This will eventually be repainted. The lantern is also in need of a repaint externally. The existing paint appears to be a light beige colour, but Revo catalogues quote hammered grey as the finish so some more research will have to be done to resolve it.

The control box and bracket that the lantern is attached to are also in excellent condition. They are painted in the standard Devon County sage green colour, although it may originally have been just plain metal finish. The control box is fastened by means of a brass bolt with the Revo bi-prong key slot.

I took a picture of a Diadem just down from where my Diadem was originally placed, but sadly did not get to photograph my exact one before it was removed.

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There are no Revo Diadems in Plymouth city itself, but there are a few in Ivybridge, Devon. There are also still a good few in Dartmouth where this example originated. 

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