Phosco P177

This lantern was obtained from fellow collector Steve Peter in summer 2008.

Lantern- Phosco P177
Lamp- 80W MBFU
Manufacture Date- 19??
Control Gear- Remote
Original Control- RTE P42

The lantern is in an excellent state for its age; the glass bowl being in pristine condition. The lantern is only just larger than the 80w Mercury lamp which it runs. A P42 2-part photocell has been drilled into the lantern during its life, but other than that it has had no modifications. Restoration will probably include the filling of this photocell hole, and a repaint of the canopy. The outside appears to show traces of an original light green colour. This will be clarified before painting is carried out however.

The diminutive P177 cannot be found in Plymouth city, although a few small installations survive in Devon county. Chudleigh & Bishopsteignton being 2 notable locations.



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