Phosco P111

This lantern was purchased from Ebay.

  • Lantern- Phosco P111 (Link To Phosco Catalogue)
  • Lamp- 35W SOX
  • Manufacture Date- 19??
  • Control Gear- Remote
  • Switching- RTE 2-part Cell

    The lantern came fitted with a 35W SOX lamp, and gear was mounted remote from the lantern. Switching was via an RTE 2-part cell mounted in the canopy. When the lantern arrived, it had half of the inside of the globe painted black- presumably to block stray light to a window for example. Luckily this paint did not adhere to the plastic well, and I was able to peel it off leaving the globe in perfect condition. A complete repaint will be required- so far the canopy has been done.

    Restoration Update- December 2005: I have completed a repaint of the lantern, and have now reassembled it. The make-shift lamp support has been retained as it is better than nothing, and is not in bad condition.

    P111 lanterns are not used in Plymouth City, but in Devon county there are a number of 70W SON versions in use in the town of Ashburton, as well as a lone example in Buckfastleigh and also Totnes.



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