Philips SGS253 'Iridium'

  • Original Location- Unused

  • Lantern- Philips SGS253 'Iridium' (Link to Philips Catalogue)
  • Lamp- 150W CDM-TT
  • Manufacture Date- 2000
  • Control Gear- Internal
  • Switching- NEMA Socket

    This is a 150W CDM-TT version of the lantern, with a flat glass optic. This is obviously not from Plymouth as CDM-TT lighting is still not common in the city. The lantern is fitted with a NEMA socket which is automatically isolated when the canopy is hinged open. The gear on the lantern is fully insulated- being enclosed by a plastic casing inside the lantern. The lamp is removed by operating the large lever handle and withdrawing the lamp-holder from the optic.

    Mounting of this lantern is universal, as it can accommodate a 76mm standard column top, or be used as side-entry mounting. The lantern was manufactured in 2000.

    Philips Iridium lanterns have now (as of May 2006) been selected as the new main road lantern for Plymouth City. They have now started to appear on routes across the city with both 150w and 250w SON-T lamps. These new versions are fitted with minicells and shallow glass bowls.

    There are a couple of small existing schemes using the lanterns, but these examples are fitted with 100w SON lamps. These have dimming capabilities, although this is not put into use at present. One is shown below.



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