Philips SGS252 'Iridium'

I acquired this brand new lantern from fellow collector Mike Barford in early 2008.

  • Lantern- Philips SGS252
  • Lamp- 45W CPO-T
  • Manufacture Date- 2007
  • Control Gear- Integral Philips Electronic Unit
  • Switching- NEMA Socket
  • This brand new lantern uses the latest technology of lamp and control gear. The lamp is a new design called Cosmopolis, and is unique to Philips manufacture. The CosmoWhite (CPO-T) lamp has a twist bi-pin fitting, similar to a GU10 mains halogen lamp, and is similar in appearance to a CDM-T lamp. The colour output is also similar to that of CDM metal halide lamps, which are marketed by a range of lamp manufactureres.

    The bowl of the lantern is the flat glass version, and the size of lantern is the smallest in the family of SGS252/253/254 Iridiums. Mounting is universal, either on a 76mm post-top, or side entry bracket.

    As of 2006, Philips Iridiums are the lantern of choice for main road lighting in Plymouth city. SGS253 lanterns are fitted with 150w & 250w SON-T, while SGS254 use 250w SON-T. Cosmopolis lamps are not used in the city however. 



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