Philips SGS252 'Iridium'

I acquired this brand new lantern from fellow collector Mike Barford on 9th September 2006.

  • Lantern- Philips SGS252 (Philips Website Catalogue)
  • Lamp- 60W CPO-TW
  • Manufacture Date- 2006
  • Control Gear- Integral Philips 'PrimaVision' Electronic Unit
  • Switching- NEMA Socket

    This brand new lantern uses the latest technology of lamp and control gear. The lamp is a new design called Cosmopolis, and is unique to Philips manufacture. The CosmoWhite (CPO-TW) lamp has a twist bi-pin fitting, similar to a GU10 mains halogen lamp, and is similar in appearance to a CDM-T lamp. The colour output is also similar to that of CDM metal halide lamps, which are marketed by a range of lamp manufacturers. The lantern is shown with a Cableform SS3DR photocell- the type fitted to SGS252s in the Derby area.

    The bowl of the lantern is the deep polycarbonate version, and the size of lantern is the smallest in the family of SGS252/253/254 Iridiums. Mounting is universal, either on a 76mm post-top, or side entry bracket.

    The lantern was mounted on a wall bracket and then fired up. The Cosmo lamp could then be seen in the stages of warmup.

    The lamp glass glows brightly when the lamp is first ignited.

    As of 2006, Philips Iridiums are the lantern of choice for main road lighting in Plymouth city. SGS253 lanterns are fitted with 150w SON-T, while SGS254 use 250w SON-T. Cosmopolis lamps are not used in the area however. 



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