Metcraft Victoria

  • Original Location- The Barbican
  • Reason- Deteriorated condition/water ingress

  • Lantern- Metcraft Victoria
  • Lamp- 20W PL/L
  • Manufacture Date- 1993
  • Control Gear- n/a
  • Switching- FKI SS10 Minicell

    The lantern is fitted with a 20W PL/L lamp, and as this is a mains lamp, no control gear was required. Switching is via a FKI SS10 mini cell in the canopy. A glass refractor (of GEC Z6508 design) is held around the lamp within the sealed lamp area. The Victoria was mounted on a wall bracket on the side of a pub. A badly leaking gutter above the lantern meant that water poured down on the lantern, and it began to seep in, causing a short to earth, and the fuse to blow. A lot of water was also let into the lamp area, and this was drilled in the base to release the water on a previous repair attempt. I gave the lantern a thorough drying and cleaning inside, and now is awaiting a full repaint.

    A 70W CDO-TT Urbis Abbey replaced this lantern- giving out a lot more light than its predecessor would have done!

    There are another 3 Victoria's fitted with 20W lamps on the Barbican, but all the other Victoria lanterns across the rest of the city are fitted with SON lamps, be it 70W or occasionally 100W.



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