Industria Arc

I acquired this lantern from fellow collector Mike Barford in August 2007.

Lantern- Industria Arc 80
Lamp- 50/70W SONT
Manufacture Date- 2006
Control Gear- Integral Tridonic Twin-Tapped Choke Ignitor
Original Control- NEMA Socket

The lantern is to all intents & purpose brand new. The lantern is currently fitted with a 70w Venture SON-E lamp, but generally SON-T or White Lux lamps were fitted to these lanterns. The ballast has dual tappings to allow a 50w lamp to be used instead, which is quite a smart feature. The access into the lantern is by a hinged upper lid, which is secured by a very tight toggle catch. This is very similar to the Philips Iridium- probably one of the lantern's main competitors. I have fitted a Royce Thompson Oasis 2000 cell to my Arc as this is what is used on the lone Plymouth installation. Devon Arcs have been ordered with the minicell option as standard instead.

Industria Arcs have only recently been adopted by Devon County for use on some main roads. These generally use 150w SON-T lamps. There is however a new scheme in Plymouth city which uses these 70w Arcs with NEMA sockets. The only difference is that a shallow curved glass bowl is adopted instead.




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