Holophane Syracuse Medium

This lantern was obtained from a fellow collector.

Lantern- Holophane Syracuse Medium
Lamp- 57W PL-T
Manufacture Date- 2005
Control Gear- Integral Electronic Gear
Original Control- NEMA Socket

The lantern runs a 57w PL-T compact fluorescent lamp, and houses its electronic choke within the lantern. Access into the lantern is via the hinged canopy which can be held open with a support strut. When obtained, the lantern had a smashed and dented optic, due to vandalism, and a failed choke. Luckily I managed to obtain a replacement optic unit from a fellow collector, and an electronic choke was sourced from an electrical wholesaler. Once these parts were fitted the lantern just needed a good clean to bring it up to scratch.

The Syracuse has seen use on a few schemes in the city over the last couple of years, but it was never widely adopted.



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