GEC ZD10807

This lantern was bought off Ebay.

Lantern- GEC ZD10807
Lamp- 125W MBFU
Manufacture Date- 19??
Control Gear- Integral Simplex Choke
Original Control- SBL S100-RD Minicell

The lantern was not fitted with a lampholder, and no control gear was fitted. A hole was drilled in the canopy for a cell- possibly a Fisher Karpark SS10. The original frosted plastic panels are still in perfect condition, as are the small glass panes in the base windows. I may convert the lantern to 125W Mercury, as there were examples with this lamp type in the area.

Update- May 2005: The lantern has now been restored. I have given it a full repaint in gold, and geared the lantern for a 125W Mercury lamp. The base grubs have been removed and greased meaning the lantern could be installed on location now. The canopy came with a small photocell hole, and I have used a Sirebeck S100-RD mini cell to control the lantern. I have fitted a Simplex choke to the lantern.

There are a lot of these lanterns in use around Plymouth Hoe, and these are fitted with 150W SON-T lamps. Casual replacements have been Candela Campden reproduction lanterns. There are 4 ZD10807s remaining with 125W MBF lamps, but these are no longer lit, and are on the list to be replaced. Sadly, these 4 MBF examples were replaced in May 2005.

The lantern is still manufactured today- by Candela Lighting, now called the 'Campden' lantern. (pdf. file)



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