GEC Z9491

I acquired this lantern from fellow collector Andrew Pate on 28th September 2005.

Lantern- GEC Z9491
Lamp- 35W SOX
Manufacture Date- 1959
Control Gear- Integral Z1720 Leak Transformer & Z1772 Capacitor

The lantern runs a 35w SOX lamp, and control gear is integral. This control gear is original to the lantern, and is huge in comparison to modern standards. The lantern will require a full restoration which will include a thorough repaint and replacement of the bowl which has been snapped at the hinges. The lantern is the top entry version, and thankfully the thread is clear and ready to install on a bracket. The lantern is the side road version of the Z9464, albeit top entry. There are many similarities, including the bowl and reflector plate.

Update- January 2006: I have now restored the lantern. Firstly I stripped down the lantern and cleaned the canopy on both the inside and outside. I then used a heat gun to remove some paint splashes from around the spigot entry. The canopy was then primed using a red oxide spray for the outside and a grey primer for the inside. The whole canopy was then given top coats of Hammered Silver-Grey paint to restore the original look to it.

The white reflector plate next was repainted as it had become blackened over the years from the heat and road grime. The lamp support and lamp-holder support were also repainted in aluminium colour. The last item to be dealt with was the old leak transformer. This was looking tired and filthy due to years of use, but I decided that it was still in sound enough condition to be retained in the lantern. It was therefore given a repaint with the laminated cores being painted in black and the support in silver.

All the internal parts were then replaced and rewired. The lantern was now completed- save for the damaged outer globe. I will endeavour to find a replacement one at some point to finish the restoration off.

Luckily in March 2006 I managed to find another complete outer globe for the lantern to replace the snapped one. The new outer globe is different in that it has an aluminium ring around the edge- something which I have not seen before. It is not perfect but it is good enough to finish the restoration nicely. Mounted on an AC Ford AC184 wall bracket the lantern looked completely at home.

There were a number of Z9490s and a lone Z9491 in use in Buckfastleigh, Devon, but these were removed in 2004. 



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