GEC Z9464

  • Original Location- Billacombe, Plymouth
  • Removal Reason- Obsolete lamp type
  • This lantern was one of 2 to be replaced at the time. It had the distinction of being one of the last 2 SOX lanterns in the entire city. 

    Lantern- GEC Z9464
    Lamp- 90W SOX
    Manufacture Date- 1984
    Control Gear- Integral Z1622P Leak Transformer
    Original Control- NEMA Socket

    The lantern can be dated as from 1984, as there is a date marking on the Leak Transformer and capacitor. A 90W SOX lamp is used in this lantern, and a NEMA socket is fitted in the canopy- presumably original to the lantern. A RTE P5 cell was fitted to this lantern on location. The lantern is in very good condition, and even after 20 years at the roadside, the bowl is not damaged at all. All gear for the lantern is held in the lantern behind the reflector plate, which is also in great condition. The canopy of the lantern is an aluminium casting.

    I found an early picture I took of one of the 2 lanterns prior to their removal:

    A WRTL MRL6 replaced this lantern.

    I also acquired the outer globe from the other Z9464 removed, but this is a poorer, vacuum formed replacement. I fitted it to the lantern for comparison purposes.

    Of the four Z9464s left in the city in 2004, my example is the only one to survive. All the other three would have been scrapped. Plymouth is now a SOX-less city.

    The Z9464 is still manufactured today by WRTL; although it is now known as the MRL 90 lantern. The lantern has now been removed from WRTL's website- December 2005.



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