GEC Z8691

I acquired this lantern from a collector in September 2004. He came by the lantern following an accident and it was not to be reused.

Lantern- GEC Z8691
Lamp- 125W MBFU
Manufacture Date- 1974
Control Gear- Internal GEC Gear
Original Control- Switch Wire
The lantern contains gear for a 50W MBF lamp, but this is not original and I shall, in time, convert back to 80 or 125W. I have fitted a clearer outer globe to the lantern as the original was yellowed through time. It uses the same globe as the Z8896, a later, gearless variant of the lantern. The lantern is a geared version of the Z8596. Gear is held internally of the lantern, and access to the fixing grubs is also internal.

Update- November 2005: I have completed the restoration of the lantern for now, following the acquisition of some control gear for the lantern (many thanks to Niall Devlin). The lantern was repainted in the summer, and this included not only the lamp area in white, but the outer shell of the lantern too. It now looks a lot smarter- more like it would have new. The control gear which I have fitted is genuine GEC gear from 1974, and actually originated from a Z8691 lantern; meaning it could not be more authentic! The lamp now run is a 125w MBF/U.

There is only a single version of this lantern in the city, and that example has been converted to 70w SON lamp (a move which means it still survives today). The Z8691 was replaced in October 2007- luckily it was saved for the collection.



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