GEC Z8591

  • Original Location- Devon County
  • Date Removed- October 2006

    Lantern- GEC Z8591
    Lamp- 80/125W MBFU
    Manufacture Date- 19??
    Control Gear- Remote

    The lantern runs an 80w or 125w MBF/U lamp, and control would probably have been by group switching. The lantern is in very good condition, and even still retains its original porcelain lamp holder and cable clamp. The bowl I have fitted is a glass GEC type which I acquired during my restoration of the Z8596. This may have been what was used on my lantern originally, although in latter days it was almost certainly a polycarbonate type. Restoration of the lantern will include a full repaint.

    Many thanks must go to Steve Rowe for obtaining this lantern for me.

    This lantern is one of a series of similar lanterns made by the GEC; luckily I have obtained a few of these types: Z8596 Z8691 Z8796 Z8896

    There are no Z8591 lanterns in the city, the only examples being far and few between in Devon County.



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