GEC Z8526

I acquired this lantern from fellow collector Stephen Rowe on 8th September 2006. It was originally fitted on Topsham Rd in Exeter, Devon.

Lantern- GEC Z8526
Lamp- 250W SONT
Manufacture Date- 1974
Control Gear- Remote
Original Control- NEMA Socket

When this lantern was removed in September 2006, it was running a 250w SON-T lamp. When originally installed in the early 1970s, it would have been fitted with a 250w SON-E lamp, as that was all that was available at the time. Switching is by an integral NEMA socket, and this would be a factory fitted option. The outer globe is in excellent condition, and still retains its painted white spot. This was used by GEC to try and eliminate the bright area directly beneath the lantern. Later examples have a bowl with moulded refractor lines instead. The slight uplift of the bracket seems to have created a damp area where water has collected and a large amount of moss has grown on the felt seal! Restoration will include a full repaint into the original GEC blue/grey colour, and removal of the remaining column stub.

There are only 2 Z8526 lanterns remaining in Plymouth; they were never as popular in the city as the rival Thorn Alpha 3. 



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