GEC Z8260

I received this lantern from fellow collector Bob Cookson. I believe it originally stood on Cooksbridge Railway Station.

Lantern- GEC Z8260
Lamp- 2x 40W MCFU
Manufacture Date- 19??
Control Gear- Internal Thorn Choke

The lantern runs a pair of 40W Fluorescent tubes, and contains the choke within the lantern. A single choke controls both lamps. The outer globe is secured by means of two spring clips, and hinged on the other side. The canopy is a single aluminium casting.

Lanterns running Fluorescent tubes are not used within the city, so there are no examples of this lantern to be found. There are a few in existence though on railway platforms still, notably an installation remaining at Crediton Station in Devon. Sadly Crediton station was relit in 2009. 



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