GEC Z5699

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I acquired this lantern from a Devon reclamation yard in July 2007. Many thanks to Steve Rowe for collecting it for me.

Lantern- GEC Z5699
Lamp- 80W MBFU
Manufacture Date- 1975
Control Gear- GEC Z1641 Choke & Capacitor

The lantern runs an 80w Mercury lamp, and the control gear for the lantern is housed in the base casting beneath a removable plate. This is in excellent condition for the age, and looks to be original. The polycarbonate bowl of the lantern is in excellent condition, which is surprising considering they generally yellow heavily with the use of Mercury lamps. This could indicate that the lantern was owned privately, or was simply in use for only a short time. There was a perfectly good Philips lamp in the lantern dating from 1982 when obtained, which suggests that it has not had much use since the early 1980s. The lantern will be restored in time, and this will include a full repaint.

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There are a number of Z5699s to be found across Plymouth but they run exclusively 70w SON-T lamps and have NEMA photocells fitted. I have not seen a Mercury example in use anywhere locally. 

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