GEC Z5680

I acquired this lantern from fellow collector John Thompson on 9th September 2006.

Lantern- GEC Z5681
Lamp- 80/125W MBFU
Manufacture Date- 19??
Control Gear- Remote

The lantern when obtained from John was in good condition, and it was only really the paintwork that was looking a bit tired. The lantern has a 3-pin lampholder for either an 80w or 125w Mercury lamp. Access into the lantern is by unscrewing the top canopy, which is threaded onto the central frame. The lampholder is suspended from this central yolk. Restoration will include a complete repaint, and renovation of internal parts.

Restoration- September 2006: once the lantern was stripped down, the canopy was looked at first. The inside was cleaned out and given a quick rub down. Next the central retaining thread was primed in red oxide, and then the rest of the paintwork in grey primer.

Once this was dried, the canopy was repainted in white, and then once dry, the central metal piece in aluminium.

Next, the spigot was rubbed down and primed in red oxide. At the same time, the canopy exterior was also rubbed down and primed in red oxide.

Now the canopy and base casting were finished in copper bronze colour, similar to what was originally used. Screws were used to stop the fixing holes getting paint filled.

Next task was the interior fixtures, which were cleaned, and metal parts given a renovation with some aluminium paint. The base casting was then re-furnished with cleaned and painted parts including greased grub screws and a new foam sealing ring.

A foam sealing ring was also added to the interior of the now-dried canopy.

The canopy and bowl were now fitted to the lantern base and the restoration was complete.

The only Z5680 lanterns seen in the area are on private land in sub station/sewage works plus a lone Mercury example in Plymouth City centre. 



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