GEC Z5670

  • Original Location- Mainstone
  • Removal Reason- Time clock removal
  • This was one of a pair to be replaced at the same time.

    Lantern- GEC Z5671
    Lamp- 80/125W MBFU
    Manufacture Date- 1975
    Control Gear- Remote
    Original Control- Venner MSQP Clock

    The lantern contains an ES lampholder, and runs a 70W SON lamp, with control gear in the column base. Switching was by a Venner MSQP clock.  Although the globe has yellowed over the years, a good polish with brasso should do wonders. These lanterns would have been running mercury lamps when installed, but were changed over to SON in years since. The lantern is now awaiting a full repaint.

    Update: During the Easter break of 2005, I set to work on the restoration. The siezed grub screws were removed, the lantern disassembled, and all parts given a good clean. The canopy was repainted in white while the base casting and bowl retaining ring were given a coat of Polar Grey. The globe was given a good clean with Brass Polish to clean out the yellowing as much as possible. Aluminium paint was used to smarten up some internal parts also. The lantern was then reassembled, including fitting the seal which was re-glued in place. The lantern now gives a good impression of how it would have looked when installed as new. The lampholder was replaced with a 3-pin type to enable the use of a Mercury lamp- what the lantern had as new.

    The view below gives a general idea of the lantern's setup with base-mounted lamp and top-hung refractor

    70W Urbis ZX1 lanterns were fitted in place of the lanterns, and these were equipped with Cableform SS9 cells. This type of cell gives part-night switching, the lamp being extinguished again at Midnight, and re-lighting again at 5.30 am if the light level is still low.

    Z5670 lanterns are still present around the city, and can be seen under clock control, or drilled for photocell. The former meaning that they will see gradual removal as time draws on. Their slightly later relative, the Z5679 can also be seen with exclusively SON lamps. These were factory fitted with NEMA sockets.

    The variant with 3pin holder (for MBF) lamp is a rarer sight still, with a few in housing association precincts, and the odd one under DCC control. The largest concentration in the area being in a housing courtyard on the Barbican. About 14 Z5670 lanterns can be found with 80W lamps on wall mounts..



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